The BrandLink Advisors are highly experienced and industry-recognized professionals in specific areas, and have worked for or with me over the past twenty-five years. We not only provide concrete and actionable large foundational solutions, but also granular methods that yield clarity, save time and resources, and help you get better outcomes out of ‘brand’: we can be a sounding board, provide a second opinion or best practices and analogs, and augment the beneficial effect of your actions via more solid trend data, business intelligence, competitive analysis, or Brand Fundamentals.

And so …

  • ask Q about Brand Fundamentals (Positioning, Architecture, Messaging, Culture)
  • ask Tom about all types of business intelligence and research
  • ask DavidM about business strategy and business cases for Branding
  • ask RichardW about every aspect of the marketing function
  • ask Carlos & Sandra about all aspects of Corporate Identity Design
  • ask Jonathan about brand name creation and nomenclature systems
  • ask DavidV about retail branding
  • ask Ty about anything Digital, including website design