Basis For Branding

  • Business Cases for Branding
  • Business Intelligence (industry and competition) and Research
  • Marketing Strategy review

Brand Fundamentals

  • Brand Platform: Mission/Purpose, Vision, Brand Promise, Brand Positioning, Brand Value, Brand Personality, and Brand Management structure at large
  • Brand Architecture
  • Verbal Identity: Naming & Nomenclature Systems
  • Messaging: strategy and frameworks
  • Visual Identity: Corporate & Marketplace Identity Design and Standards
  • Digital Identity: websites and digital assets and presence
  • Retail Branding: translating the Brand Fundamentals in the environment
  • Brand Culture: Employee Brand constructs and internal Training & Education

Advice Along The Continuum

  • sales pitches: perspective, content, case histories, analogs
  • RFP & proposals: perspective, workplan, fees, timelines, teams
  • project workprocess: content, planning, management
  • Phase 1 investigation and executive summaries: perspective, scope, management, style and tone
  • delivery: presentations’ content and style, meeting management
  • implementation: perspective, planning, timelines charts
  • expert second-opinion: reviews and assessments of, and counsel on all of the above as proposed by your existing consultants.